• Daniel Romano

    Daniel Romano

    Aspiring Organizational Interventionist. Problem Child. Solution Whisperer.

  • Jordan Burt

    Jordan Burt


  • Zach Brockway

    Zach Brockway

    the lyf so short, the craft so longe to lerne

  • Eric Anderson

    Eric Anderson

    Interested in how we learn + communicate, designing + building great software products, growing companies, dogs. Prev. built product @lightstephq @keen_io

  • Jennifer Litorja

    Jennifer Litorja

    Working with digital securities.

  • JEH3


  • Steven McClelland

    Steven McClelland

    I like building things.

  • Matthew Brown

    Matthew Brown

    Products @Moz. Former: @NYTimes. Wallet Inspector.

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